Friday, January 13, 2012

Wisconsin Wind Works Alliance Member Helical Robotics, launches new Robotic Platform

Helical Robotics, Wisconsin Wind Works Alliance member since early 2011, has announced the launch of a new mobile robotic platform  that has the ability to effortlessly navigate almost any ferromagnetic surface.  Based in Oregon, Wisconsin, Helical specializes in creating unique robotic platforms that has the ability to conform to any solid surface and travel in any direction.  The primary usage of the platforms is servicing wind turbines, as the unique design can navigate along a wind tower or airfoil for servicing.  

The launch of the HR-1000LL mobile robotic platform released this week offers multi-directional potential and increased carrying and lifting capacity, allowing for greater capacity to service wind towers.  The platform can assist inspection, repair and cleaning of wind towers. 

Read more on the new platform in the company's press release and at  And, see a video of the HR-1000LL platform in action

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