Tuesday, August 2, 2011

'WI Pursues SheerWind; Co. Interested in Osceola'

Wisconsin Officials are aggressively pursuing SheerWind, Inc. to locate in Oceola, Wisconsin.  SheerWind, Inc. is looking to build its first wind farm within the Midwest, and Wisconsin is offering competitive incentive packages compared to Minnesota and other Midwest states. 

An article in Twin Cities last week reports that, "SheerWind hopes to have about 20 wind farms—which will collectively produce about one gigawatt of energy—operational by 2016." Also, SheerWind is using the Invelox system, to eliminate the need for tower-mounted turbines. 

Read more on Wisconsin's effort to attract SheerWind at: http://tcbmag.blogs.com/daily_developments/2011/07/wi-pursues-sheerwind-co-interested-in-osceola.html

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